The World is Sound In 2017 Review

2017 has seen a 3-week intensive taking place during March-April in the cosy Laborgras studio in the Kreuzberg district. Sixteen participants from different walks of life have come together bringing their hybrid practices (circus, dance, theatre, story telling, poetry, singing, music composition, sound healing), to experiment together for six hours a day under the guidance of Irena, Robert and Alessio. During the 3rd and last week each participant has been invited to give shape to a work-in-process testing different formats, which has been shared with a small audience of friends on the last two days of the intensive.

2017 has seen as well the first The World is Sound | Symposium on Voice, Body, and Space: an afternoon of lectures, performances and concerts with Irena Tomažin, Alessio Castellacci, Robert Liethoff and the special contribution of choreographer Jule Flierl and ambient composer Krishe. The event has been held on April 8th at the Agora Rollberg space in collaboration with Agora MOVE. We look forward to more events for 2018!


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Photo credits: Darius Bogdanowicz