The World Is Sound 2018

Feb 12 - Mar 2, 2018

>>  The World is Sound returns in 2018 with a 3-week immersive program dedicated to the exploration of the human voice as medium for physical expression in contemporary performance. Three voice artists share with the group of participants their own research and working tools from three complementary approaches. Each day starts with voice warm-up classes facilitated by Lichtenberg Method and Body Mind Centering teacher Corinne Castelli, which focus on fine-tuning listening and on developing awareness of the subtle levels of the vocal emission. In the afternoon intensives time is given to go in depth with different related topics of voice & movement performance. In week 1 Alessio Castellacci approaches the voice embodiment through experiential anatomy and somatic imagery to reveal its synesthetic properties of articulating inner landscapes; in week 2 Irena Tomažin addresses improvising and playing with songs from the oral tradition, with text, movement and the relation between these elements. During week 3 Irena and Alessio will co-facilitate the morning and afternoon sessions, providing together a frame of continuation and deepening of the work done, organizing possibilities for each participants to initiate solo or collaborative work with their mentoring support. This week is meant as an important space for integration and research, where each participant can plant the seeds of a personal research.