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2018 Highlights

2018 has been a truly incredible ride, with new routes opening for TWIS' sound waves to travel further, and many inspiring encounters and collaborations along the way. Read on for an overview of the year.

January / February - FBTM performance series in Berlin

The year has started with a new collaboration of Alessio Castellacci/TWIS and vocal dance artist Jule Flierl, who co-curated the new performance series FROM BREATH TO MATTER (FBTM), with the idea of inviting movement and sound artists who explore in their work the physicality of voice and its political implications. The event has been hosted at the Kunsthaus KuLe Haus in Berlin Mitte, and has taken place in Dec 2017, Jan and Feb 2018, seeing the participations of artists: Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot, Mika Hayashi Ebbesen, Sergiu Matis, Mars Dietz, Ensemble Medulla, Karol Timinsky, Justin Francis Kennedy feat. Balz Isler Opus, JUle Flierl.

Thank you to all the artists for the trust, to everyone who came to the events and to all friends and supporters who helped making it happen.

February - Winter Intensive in Berlin

TWIS Winter Intensive has taken place from Feb 12 - Mar 2 in the studios of Urbaraum and Studio Abada in Kreuzberg Berlin. The program has seen the participation of 17 artists from different fields and the collaboration for the first time with Lichtenberg Method and BMC teacher Corinne Castelli. As tradition, during the 3rd and last week each participant has been invited to give shape to a personal research (individual or collaborative) which has been shared wiht the group on the last 2 days.

TWIS Winter Intensive 2018 participants are: Silvija Dogan, Silvia Paglioni, Sarah Rossy, Luisa Ochoa, Karoline Strys, Jelena Graovac, Fabiana Burr, Geremia Lorenzo Lodi, Olena Vertegel, Lena Bagutti, Pascale Talbot, Madelyn Bullard, FriederikeHeine, Noemi Lira, Sonja Pregrad, Rocio Marano, Antonia Lilly MariaPöhlmann.

April - workshop / performance in Beirut

In April TWIS has travelled for the first time to Beirut/Lebanon thanks to the collaboration with Beirut-based Amalgam Studio and Irtijal Music Festival with the kind support of the European Cultural Foundation. Irena Z. Tomazin has performed an improvised duet with composer-musician Michael Zerang in the Irtijal Music Festival in Beirut, teaching after that a 5-day workshop at Amalgam Studio with a group of participants from different fields.

Thank you Racha Baroud and Yara Boustani for initiating the collaboration and carrying it till the end with patience and generosity. We look forward to be back in Beirut.


June -  Summer Retreat in South Italy

In June TWIS has travelled with Alessio Castellacci and Irena Z. Tomažin to the wonderful Valle D' Itria in Puglia / South Italy for a 10-day Summer Retreat. The Retreat has been hosted at Casina Settarte, a family-run cultural residence for movement and art activities, immersed in the green of olive groves and overlooking the Adriatic Sea. There Irena and Alessio have facilitated an intense study process with the 11 participants, living together, working 8-10 hrs/day with the group on the relationship between body, voice and the surrounding environment.  
So much gratefulness to all the participants for pouring their heart in the work and share within the circle with such generosity and vulnerability, and to Germana Siciliani and Francesco Zita of Casina Settarte to welcome us in their little paradise, making us feel home. This has been a deeply touching journey for us, hard to describe in words!

TWIS Summer Retreat 2018 participants are: Parashar Kulkarni, Nicole Nigro, Mariana Barbosa Camacho, Matteo D'Ercole, Hadi Boustani, Florance Freitag, Lisa Stewart, Katarina Juvančič, Daimde Rijke, Donata Kramarz, Luisa Oxoa.

December - Advanced Course in Berlin

2018 will see as well the first TWIS 10-day Advanced Course for artists who have participated to previous editions of TWIS from 2014, and who wants to further their practice of vocal-physical performance. The Advanced Course is meant as a space to further develop the research on sound embodiement with participants who have already been exposed to TWIS artistic practice foundations (body-breath-voice integration through somatic explorations, synesthetic perception, energy activation work, improvisation / instant composition techniques, folk singing, own research development), to deep-dive for 10 days in performance-oriented practices and gain more tools to develop one's own research.

Photo credits: Rocio Marano, Katarina Juvančič