The fee to participate is 900€ when paid in one single installment, and 1000€ when paid in two separate installments (2 x 500€) . 

One single installment deadline: Jan 10, 2018

1000€ : 
1st installment deadline: Jan 10,  2018
2nd installment deadline: Feb 5, 2018



  1. Do I need to have previous dance or singing training to apply?
    No you don't. The workshops are based on the idea of inclusivity and valorization of each person's skills. However, the 3 weeks can be a challenging period of learning, so it will support your process if you are already familiar to some degree with improvising, exposing your voice, dancing and exchanging verbal feedbacks in a group setting.
  2. Why a selection? The idea is to create an immersive learning environment for the whole program. For this we try to select a compatible group of participants who are committed to mutually support and inspire each other through the work.
  3. What kind of 2-min video should I send?
    The 2-min video is for us to have a first impression of what your current interests and passions about this kind of artistic practice are, independently from your technical skills. Make sure you have fun doing it, and that it means something to you in the first place!
  4. Can I join only the morning classes or one single workshop?
    It is only possible to apply to the program as a whole. 
  5. Do you offer scholarships?
    At this moment we are not able to offer a scholarship position; as an independent program our activities rely entirely on the financial contribution of the participants. However, if you plan to apply for a grant to a third institution, we can provide you with a support letter if required.
  6. Does the fee include food or accommodation? It does not. Each participant needs to organize their own accommodation and food for the duration of the program.


To apply to the program, please fill out the application form below.

You will need:

  • A 2-minute (non-edited) video of you improvising alone with voice and/or movement (youtube / vimeo link - include password if video is set to private)
  • A 1-minute video of you introducing yourself talking to the camera (youtube / vimeo link – include password if video is set to private)
  • 1 portrait picture (jpeg/tiff, 1 Mb max)
  • 1 short bio + motivation letter: tell us about yourself and why you want to join the program (pdf, 1Mb max)

After your application is successfully received, you will receive an automatic response at the email address you indicated (make sure to add info@the-world-is-sound.com to your email contacts list to avoid the spam filter).

The new deadline to apply is January 1, 2018. After this date we will not be able to accept more applications.



Photo credit: Darius Bogdanowicz

The applications for TWIS 2018 are now closed!