Embodying Voice

Classes with Corinne Castelli

Feb 12 – Feb 23

>> When I was training as an actress, one of my teachers’ favourite points to emphasize was the importance of “having a strong presence on stage”. It seemed to be the main criteria for a good performance as well as the key to success. I often asked myself what this meant? How can I do or train that? These questions remained unanswered until I was able to access deeper layers of my body and process experiences with an inquisitive and open mind rather than product-orientation. The main shift was learning how to let go of wanting to do or achieve something, letting the receptive qualities of my perception unfold and guide me during creative processes. This shift from “doing” towards “letting something unfold” is one of the main aspects of the Lichtenberger Method for applied voice physiology that I will introduce in our morning classes. 

The Lichtenberger Method is a very gentle approach which emphasizes enhancing auditory and perceptual skills, relying on a deep knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the human voice. Through this work, the performer’s vocal expressivity is increased through specific sensory stimulation that allows a fine re-patterning of subjective habits.       Our first step will be to establish a vocal and movement practice where our capacity to listen will be strengthened. While dealing with the ear not only as our auditory organ but also as the site for balance and spatial orientation, we will be able to recognize how the sounds of our voices influence our kinesthetic perception. This is one of the key entrance points to voice & movement connectivity.

Through different exercises (individual explorations, partnering and group work) we will also experience the different body structures (connective tissues, skeletal systems and organs) which can enrich the resonance of our voices. This inquiry will allow us to notice interruptions in the energetic flow in the fascial network, that can block vibrations from traveling freely through the body. Hands-on and voice-on guided exercises will invite all the tissues to become available to receive and initiate sound.




Corinne Castelli


>> Corinne Castelli is an actress and voice & movement teacher based in Berlin. After graduating in Acting at the Scuola Civica D´Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan (IT) in 2005, she began an acting career with theatre director Massimo Castri, participating in several productions at the State Theaters of Modena and Rome between 2005 and 2010, touring extensively throughout Italy. Through her interaction with directors like Eimuntas Nekrosius, Marco Bellocchio, Matthias Langhoff and Enrique Diaz, she gained a deep understanding of the crucial importance for actors to develop resources and skills to maintain centered-ness in the midst of demanding working circumstances. 

Between 2008 and 2009, Corinne encountered the somatic practices of Body Mind Centering and the Lichtenberger Method for applied voice physiology and started a period of intensive training in both techniques. Through these somatic approaches, she found new ways of accessing creativity, while developing her personal style of training qualities of movement and voice on more subtle levels.

Corinne is now a certified BMC somatic movement educator and a Lichtenberger Method voice teacher, based in Berlin since 2011 where she teaches regularly. Her current approach is centred on shifting and reversing habitual patterns of tension on physical, mental and vocal levels, which often inhibit the free flow of self-regulating forces in the body. Through her research in anatomy, physiology, neurology, psychology and early childhood development patterns of voice and movement since 2010, Corinne developed her teaching approach "Embodying Voice" that focuses on supporting performers, actors, dancers, singers to enter states of receptivity and readiness which are crucial during artistic processes. She shares this approach through group classes as well as individual coaching sessions. Besides her research on Embodying Voice Corinne, is currently training to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.



Photo Credits: Elise Scheider, Darius Bogdanowicz, Alessio Castellacci