Volume, Presence and Availability

Body-Mind-Centering® into movement
Classes with Nina Wehnert

Mar 4 – Mar 15

>> The morning classes will offer the possibility to arrive in the body, awakening different structures of the body and inviting movement.
We will move, breathe, sound, rest, dance.
With clear anatomical information, images and guided exploration alone and with a partner we will become familiar with different anatomical structures and with their possibility for movement. Touch, voice and movement meditations will support the subtleness with which we meet different body tissues. 
A sequence of themes will guide through the classes. We place our attention into specific qualities of tissues and move from there: the clarity, stability and lightness of bones, the pulse and support from inner fluidity, the flow of fluids in spirals, folding, unfolding, yielding, resistance, the condensing and expanding of breathing. We will explore space and the availability of the head and mouth's cavities to prepare for sounding. The interrelationship of centre-periphery and other aspects from early developmental pattern will be addressed to support the body's inner organisation and how this balances movement, awareness and stillness. The morning classes will create readiness for movement and sounding, creating inner space and clear alignment for performance. Clarity in the body and the pureness of being will support liveliness that develops from within.

Body-Mind Centering® is an experimental approach to movement, the body and consciousness. Its uniqueness lies in the specificity with which each of the body systems can be embodied and integrated. With finest and deep awareness of different body-tissues, through touch and understanding of anatomical relationships in the body we evoke presence, three-dimensional full-bodied being which supports movement, performance and presence.


Nina Wehnert

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>> Nina Wehnert works as a dancer and teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation and Yoga. After graduating in contemporary dance at SEAD, Salzburg and at Bewegungs-Art, Freiburg, the passion for anatomy, movement, perception and the spirit of research brought Nina to Body-Mind Centering®, which she has studied with BMC initiator Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and with Moveus in Germany.

Nina dances Contact Improvisation since more than 20 years. She is as well a certified Educator and Practitioner of Somatic Movement, and of Embodied Anatomy & Yoga. She teaches since 2007 Yoga in Berlin in classes and workshops and in Retreats in Italy and Greece. 

Nina teaches regularly in several dance studios in Berlin, and teaches workshops internationally in dance festivals and educational programs. Since 2017 she organises her own  Body Mind Centering® yearly training program in Berlin.  
She is trained in Person-Centered Counseling after Psychologist Carl Rogers.



Photo Credits: Patrick Beelart, Darius Bogdanowicz, Alessio Castellacci