with Irena Z. Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci

Sept 30 - October 4, 2019
At Biovilla (Setúbal, Portugal) 

The World is Sound offers since 2014 intensive learning experiences focused on vocal physical performance. This Fall for the first time TWIS will be hosted in the Biovilla (Setúbal, Portugal) for a 5-day immersive retreat in the nature with Irena Z. Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci.

The retreat invites to a journey into the poetic relationship between Body, Voice, Senses and Surroundings. Reconnecting with our capacities of embodied listening in a natural environment, we reconnect to our own voice, and become present to the one of the others and the acoustic dance around us. Irena and Alessio facilitate a shared space for practice, introducing their research and performance tools from different topics of voice & movement performance. The added value of working in this residential setting is that of living together in closeness to the powerful natural landscape surrounding Biovilla, slowing down one’s pace to allow a state of soft presence and deep listening.

The workshop is open to movers, actors, singers and interdisciplinary artists who wish to deepen their practice on the physicality of voice and to acquire advanced tools for improvised performance, engaging in a dialogue with the natural environment as a source of creative inspiration.
It is not expected that you have any art pedigree or formal study, if you resonate with our offer, then this workshop is for you.


  • 4 nights accommodation in shared rooms

  • daily vegetarian meals

  • 2 teachers

  • 35 hours of classes

  • free time



Every day we will have a morning and an afternoon session in the outdoor studio, where the 2 teachers will introduce their practice and vision about different aspect of the physical voice: Deep Listening meditations, experiential anatomy of the breathing/moving/vocal bodies, somatic work, singing of traditional folk tunes, scores for movement improvisation and vocal instant composition. The work will alternate individual tasks with partner- and group work, with special attention given to create a safe circle where each participant feels welcome to connect with their inner world and express/articulate it to the outside. 


Biovilla is surrounded by a powerful countryside, with inspiring sites that we will visit through guided walks, to explore ways of working and dialoguing with the nature. We will discover together what happens to our voice when we slow down, allowing ourselves to be immersed and held by the soundscapes of the natural surroundings.


Each day there will be a lunch break followed by a siesta time to rest and enjoy free time.
*Classes are taught in English with Portuguese translation if needed


Early Bird: 450€* - when registering before August 15, 2019

Regular Fee: 550€* - when registering after August 15, 2019

*The fee includes workshop, food and accommodation

▷►The retreat is limited to 12 participants, apply soon to secure your spot!

►▷For info and registrations contact Fabiana Mercadante: Fab.mercadante@gmail.com


Photo credits: Tomaz Santl, Ksenija Spanec.