A centre for the Arts and Permaculture in the nature of Itria Valley (South Italy)


Casina Settarte is a residential centre for the development of movement arts and permaculture, located on a hilltop with breathtaking views over the Itria Valley on one side and the glittering blue Adriatic sea on the other. 

Situated in a 4-hectare property in the Itria Valley, between Ostuni and Cisternino (Puglia, South Italy), CASINA comprises two dance studios, multi-use outdoor spaces and accommodation. The centre focuses on movement, arts/crafts and Permaculture, with a particular focus on dance and somatic practices. Each year Casina Settarte hosts international seminars inviting teachers and practitioners from all over the world to share knowledge about dance, singing, physical theatre, contact improvisation, Butoh dance, martial arts, yoga, and other healing practices.


Permaculture Living

Sustainable living has always been at the heart of Casina Settarte and since 2010 the association collaborates with permaculture facilitators to develop the land and create projects and trainings in this area. Today Casina Settarte is also a home for promotion, experimentation, meetings and discussion about permaculture, seminars of water management, soil management, gardening, designing and implementing a food forest, as well as a full Permaculture PDC by the British Academy of Permaculture. 


The Studio

The workshops take place in the main studio, a large dance studio of 200 square meters with wooden floor. The space is protected from the sun light and has open sides with blinds that can be pulled down for further protection from wind and sun. It is an outdoor spacious studio surrounded by nature, offering the safety and concentration of an indoor place.


The Geodesic Dome

In the garden of Casina there is also a recently-built Geodesic Dome of 7 meters diameter for open air activities. The wooden structure is comprised of complex network of triangles, hexagons and pentagons and is particularly suitable for energy work, sound meditations and healing sessions.


The Land

The dance studio and hosting houses are surrounded by 2 hectares of land with olive groves, fig trees, wild herbs (thyme, capers, oregano), almond trees and an organic garden which can be used for relaxation, research and creation. Itria Valley is also renown for the 'Trulli', typical ancient Apulian small round houses of stone with a conical roof.


The accommodation will be in simple shared houses for 3-5 persons each. All the houses are part of the main complex of Casina, inviting for a cosy group experience during the retreat. There is the possibility as well to sleep in your own tend in the pine tree garden of Casina.





Please note: Casina Settarte is an artists-run residence and operates differently from a traditional accommodation (Hostels, Bed and Breakfast etc.). Staying at Casina requires a conscious approach to co-existance, a spirit of adaptability and respect for the nature. Here you can read more about the essential information.