Exploring the human voice in motion

>>  The World is Sound (TWIS) is an independent platform dedicated to the exploration of the human voice and the vast potential of sound as a medium for expression. The TWIS program presents a series of workshops that tap into the physical, emotional, imaginative and communicative dimensions of the voice and how this can be accessed in relation to body and breath work. Initiated by voice artist, dancer, sound composer Alessio Castellacci in close collaboration with singer, sound artist, choreographer Irena Z. Tomažin and actor, director, sound researcher Robert Liethoff, the program fuses together a broad range of traditions from sound, movement, performance and somatic practices.

The work of TWIS ventures deep into unknown vibratory fields, retuning, reawakening, and reconsidering our individual and collective voices. Together we investigate, improvise, play and perform within ‘acousomatic-scapes’, paying close attention to the space between breath, movement and voice. Within this fine-grained generative space, each voice or movement gesture exists along a vibrational continuum in which we place our research and train our attention. TWIS encourages the development of experimental voice and movement practices within the context of performance, but with a strong holistic approach. The process is highly personal and the content malleable to serve each person’s aims. Our purpose is not to replicate specific styles, aesthetics or techniques, but rather operate within a fluid state that is adaptable for participants to take what they seek. Our explorations are highly internal, yet also connected to collective experiences as we share, witness and assist each other along the way.

During each program you are invited on a journey of discovery, surrendering to your voice's innate quality and sound signature, which are normally trapped or disguised behind the social representation we give of ourselves in everyday life. We learn to release such ingrained patterns through precise anatomical work, touch, sound perceptive practices, and explorative movement. Within a supportive group setting you are encouraged to connect deeper with your emotional body, harnessing its logic to find keys to the myriad of unique voices housed within you. In this process of finding a voice, we ask you to disregard any pre-learned ideas of what is “good” or “bad” and instead open your ears to hearing the complexities of frequencies that your body can produce. We invite you to tune into textures, tonality, colours, mood, consonance and dissonance, and be a non-judgemental witness to whatever may arise. It is in this state of deep listening that we can uncover a wealth of new knowledge and expressive possibilities, as well as grounding a trusting relationship with oneself.

In TWIS approach, performing and creating artistic work are natural extensions of getting in touch with your own vocal and physical impulses; once we let these currents freely manifest without censorship, we create space for our desires, thoughts and intuitions to be articulated and crafted into shareable material with performative potential. In our process we work both solo and collaboratively, exchanging constructive feedback with the group under each mentors' support, in order to find deeper understanding of our personal practices.


Photo credits: Rocio Marano