TWIS Summer Retreat


June 12-21, 2018

in South Italy

This Summer for the first time TWIS will travel to the peaceful countryside of Casina Settarte in the Itria Valley, South Italy for a 10-day immersive retreat in the nature. 

New deadline to apply: May 30, 2018


Corinne Castelli


The Lichtenberger Method is a very gentle approach which put emphasis in enhancing auditory and perceptual skills, relying on a deep knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the human voice...

Alessio Castellacci


The voice and movement connects from two perspectives: the experience of sound as a tactile vibration perceived in the body; the practice of synesthetic perception as a unifying process of voice, mind and body...

Irena Tomažin


The voice has many bodies, the body has many voices. If you have a text, but no melody, then you just need to sustain the silence - to listen to it as long as it's needed for a mumbling to become a rhythm...


"I recommend this course to anyone interested in developing or discovering the capacity of their voice. It truly opened up a lot to me and has led to projects that would not have happened if I did not take part in it."
(Cajsa Godée - Dancer, Choreographer)


Photo Credits: Elise Scheider, Darius Bogdanowicz, Tomaz Santl

Video: Darius Bogdanowicz