“The program has enriched the way I experience my body.”

Originally, I came to the program to enrich my performance art practice. The workshop was thorough and diverse. My performances
since then have included sound and voice. More importantly, the program has enriched the way I experience my body.  I was like a sealed bottle without being aware of it. Hearing the bottle pop open and celebrating the existence of my voice for the first time. 

Ye'ela Wilschanski (Multidisciplinary Artist)

“A dimension of knowledge... of patience... of deep encounters.”

It has a been a space, for me. not just a place. but rather a dimension. a dimension of knowledge... of patience... of deep encounters. A trigger point for possible explosions. For possible spaces of silence and loud noise. A fertile ground. The World is Sound is something that happened to me, rather than just a workshop.

Teodora Grano (Performer)



“I felt each person was empowered with their own set of tools.”

It was an immensely deep process using the voice. The mentors could pinpoint the tiniest detail and work with it, bringing light to the subtle vibrations and opening up a whole new area to play with. 

Rather than just a cold standard process... I felt each person was empowered with their own set of tools, to help discover their own voice with confidence and trust.

Micheal Rowsome (Multidisciplinary Artist)

“Full immersion into the sound, and then into myself.”

The program experience was not only great, it has been first a strong full immersion into the sound, and then into myself.

I often think about that amazing meeting, I'd say thanks to all the workshop's mates with whom I shared this deep emotion.

 Benni Moretti (Singer)


It was truly warm and lovely place to work further with my voice in a safe environment with great space for new discoveries while meeting amazing bunch of people. Loud or silent, wild or calm. Intense experience that moved me deeper into the world of voice and sound.

Nela Kornetova (Performer, Theater Maker)


Within the program I could experience myself in a very positive way, especially in relation to the group. The teachers were very supportive and provided an atmosphere of trust and freedom that allowed to explore the realms of personality through the dynamics of both body and voice. Performance was born out of a sense of authenticity.

Lara Tovazzi (Dancer)


It was a very sensitive journey into the deepest part of my inner voice. Both conscious and unconscious. During the workshop I felt I have a voice and it matters in the world. And it is still within me.

Paolina Grochowska (Dancer, Yoga Teacher)

The intensive encouraged me to follow impulses across mediums and forms - and to slow down and take note of those intersections or borders between one action and another. It made me move without dancing. It made me sing without performing. It was a beautiful space to experiment with something on the outer edges of many different artistic practices. 

Norah Paton (Performer)


I carry in my heart the three weeks of work with the teachers; together with them I converged with my voice and singing became a precious partner in my everyday practice. The course was a balanced journey with practical, theoretical, emotional, spiritual experiences that taught me not only about myself but about the power of expression and poetry that the voice offers.

Yara Li Mennel (Dancer)

This beautiful team of artists made me discover how a sound can lead to a movement, how movement can lead to a sound. They made me see the colors of sounds. They opened wide my perception of my own sounds and the sound fields surrounding us. It's a gift to have the chance to work with these three teachers and to deepen my vision realizing that the world is sound.

Racha Baroud (Theatre Director)