There are different possibilities to travel to Casina Settarte from Europe:

By flight

There are direct flights from Europe to Bari's Airport (called Palese Airport). From the airport you can take a train to the town of Ostuni, where you will be picked up on the day of arrival. Puglia has also another international airport in Brindisi, called Brindisi Casale. 

By train

In alternative you can travel directly to Ostuni station by train with the national rail, or fly to the main airports of Rome and Naples, and from there travel to Ostuni by train (around 4 hrs train trip)

Car rental

Once arrived in Bari or Ostuni, there is the possibility to rent a car to be able to move in the region independently.



If you would like to explore the wonderful area before or after the Summer Retreat, here are some tips and useful links:

About Puglia

Puglia, also known as Apulia, is the heel of Italy's boot.  area's varied charms: baroque towns, white-washed trullo houses, olive groves and orchards, blue sea and beaches, plenty of sunshine and excellent cuisine.Much of the region's interior is covered by olive groves, interspersed with orchards and other crops, with endless 'forests' of olive trees.

Places to visit

In the Valle D' Itria - where Casina is located - there are characteristic towns worth a visit, like Alberobello (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the white town of Ostuni. 
Lecce is another wonderful city to visit, often called the Florence of the south, thanks to its many buildings in the Mediterranean Baroque style.
In Puglia there also 2 National Parks (Alta Murgia and Gargano) and many small towns and beaches along the Adriatic coast line.

Puglia is also known for its rich food culture with many typical products including hundreds of different bread types, some of the best olive oil in the mediterranean area, and wine with a long tradition since the ancient greeks, who used to live in the region.